Does two crowns on the top of your head mean something?

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I'm not sure if you mean having two hair-whorls (swirls) in the head, referring to hair growth directions in the human head. If yes, then a person with two hair-whorls is usually deemed to be a bit stubborn and willful. I know, cause I have three.

Originally, hair whorls are associated with how animals (e.g. Horses) behave. The beduoins of Arabia and gypsies in olden times believe in the theory that those horses with two whorls are more of complicated nature or temperamental. I think this is where the theory on human hair whorls came from.

But if you mean really two real crowns, I really don't know how that would be possible.

Means that you may start to bald in two places;).

Not in my culture, in face, never heard of such thing. Are you talking about two sides of yourself sitting on your shoulder?

Sure.....It means you're human like everybody else. Having two "cow licks", or hair swirls is not much different than a trait/genetic marker that causes some people to have freckles.

Either that, or it means your a monarch in two countries.

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