Meditation Is Hard To Grasp For Me. Is There An Easy Meditation For Beginners?

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Meditation Is Hard To Grasp For Me. Is There An Easy Meditation For Beginners? I always hear about the stress relief benefits of meditation, but I've tried it once or twice, and it's difficult for me--I find it difficult to think about 'nothing'.

Still, I keep hearing about the benefits, and I'd still like to try. Do you have any tips on meditation for beginners? Answer: You're right about the benefits of meditation.

Meditation can stop the stress response and slow your heart rate, calm your breathing, reduce cortisol levels, and more. However, you're not alone in your experience; many people find meditation difficult to grasp at first. This is because our minds aren't used to being completely quiet, and it does take some practice to stop thinking about the future, the past, our to-do lists, that jerk at the office, and all of the other things we need to think about in our daily lives.

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