Should the individual or society be of primary importance?

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Asked in light of Edfoug's recent question about Lee Harris's article opposing gay marriage, however all answers welcome. Asked by shel 57 months ago Similar Questions: individual society primary importance Recent Questions About: individual society primary importance Politics & Law > Politics.

Similar Questions: individual society primary importance Recent Questions About: individual society primary importance.

Darn good question I am not aware of Lee Harris’ article so I am replying pretty much in the dark as I think that questions such as this one are important and transcend specifics. At the risk of sounding more altruistic than I am I would have to say that the individual can only realise his/her potential through the community. No man/woman being an island and all that kind of stuff.

A wise friend once said that it would seem that in centuries past, undernourishment and the close proximity of others were the main causes of illness and death: in our enlightened age, just the opposite is true - we have vaccinations, flu shots, super-modern life-prolonging systems and more nutrition knowledge than you can shake a stick at. Now we are dying of overnourishment, depression, alienation and lonliness. In the rush to "find ourselves", "realise our potential", "just be ME", we seem to have forgotten that we are all connected and that any moment of joy starring Me as the only protagonist is fleeting and well, just a wee bit empty.

It seems that only when some of us are lonely, ill, in a life-threatening situation or in the throes of existential panic do we wonder where all of our friends have gone. To the best of my knowledge, one of the main pillars of all spiritual disciplines and religions is "Love thy neighbour as thyself", "take care of those less fortunate" - I translate that into attempting to be tolerant of the foibles and eccentricities of those around me (being well aware that I have a more than a few of those myself), watching out for others, being available to help, getting together with friends and, well, yes, I have to admit it, helping old ladies across the road! All of this doesn't mean donating your last Nike shirt to charity or setting out to be the next Mother Teresa.

For me it's all down to sharing the road with as many friends as I'm fortunate enough to have, respecting others' ways of seeing things which might be very different from my own, trying to help where I can and not forgetting that random acts of kindness are the sugar which sometimes make the bitter medicine of everyday life go down. Oh Lord, do I sound preachy or what? Sorry about that but I think that questions like these do make us stop and think - about ourselves, our relation to others and what the heck it's all about!

Thank you for the great question.

The Society The salvation of Mr. Spock not withstanding, the society must be of a higher importance than the individual. This is not to say that every society is equally as value as life itself, but the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. Often, the needs of the individual cannot be met without the aid of the society, so the society must surive if there is to be any hope for the individual.

The labor unions were formed on this concept. During the time that conditions were bad for workers, the union (society) was able to improve conditions for the worker, but only if the union survived.

I didn't read that article I started to, but didn't feel the need to rehash the same old rationalizations put forth by conservative thinkers. Society and individuals both benefit when individuals are perceived as important. As enhanced humans, we are more efficient and valuable "cogs" to a well functioning society; it's really a symbiotic relationship, when it's at its best.

A successful society will champion the rights of all its peoples, protect their rights and respect their individuality. In return, the people will work to preserve that society, live their lives with an awareness of those around them, and act with gratefulness. It's an ideal, certainly not the norm.

Still, at the very least, we might stop using gay marriage as shorthand for the demise of society as we know it. I perform gay marriages on a regular basis, and I have to say that most of those clients are completely uninterested in being poster children for the evolution of society at large. They simply want to be able to live in a committed relationship with the person they love and enjoy the rights that go along with that commitment.

Very often that relationship includes adopted children. It's time that we, as a society, get out of our citizen's bedrooms, get less interested in what we might personally think as "moral" behaviour regarding gays, and realize that these couples (for the large part) impact society in a positive and giving way.

Both, actually. A society has two broad purposes: to help each individual therein, and to be more than the sum of its individual parts. Regarding the second purpose, people are more productive when they specialize, because of comparative advantage if for no other reason.

This state of being greater than the sum of individuals is what enables greater acts of creation, technology and its applications specifically. Mind, the purpose of these acts of creation is to benefit the individual in society. Actions that aren't at the objective expense of greater civilization, as opposed to offending enough simple-minded individuals to form a group identity based on being offended, shouldn't be wasted time with.

Is gay marriage really going to crash the computers? Sources: My educated guess.

Not simple The individual ethos that is evolving today is quick to discard tradition for people to be able to live absolutely any lifestyle they want to and demands that everyone else immediately accept it or they are bigoted and dumb. There is no serious consideration of the long term effects on society or the importance of slowly evolving social conscensus in civil society. Many people now consider patriotism quaint and parochial and the best way to go is just for everyone to be a citizen of the world (they don’t say this in public much).

Many more feel they should not be bound by any inconvenient or difficult tenets of their religion and become "feel-good" spiritual folks. Nobody much is scared of going to hell anymore so anything goes. If you had told any American 50 years ago that the institituion of marriage and patriotism would need a carefully argued defense they would have laughed in your face.

If anyone fails to take our war with radical Islam seriously for political reasons, it’s just because every intelligent person knows the real enemy is Bush, and all those other stupid folks who think abortion is immoral and just because marriage has been a man and a woman for thousands of years means nothing at all. Next it will be the man-boy love crowd and polygamy (already glamorized on Big Love). Sources: opinion edfoug's Recommendations Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of History Amazon List Price: $26.00 Used from: $4.81 Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 54 reviews) The Suicide of Reason: Radical Islam's Threat to the West Amazon List Price: $26.00 Used from: $16.29 Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (based on 4 reviews) Al Qaeda's fantasy ideology: war without Clausewitz.

: An article from: Policy Review Amazon List Price: $5.95 .

What are the advantages of using the state of nature to explain society and politics.

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I cant really gove you an answer,but what I can give you is a way to a solution, that is you have to find the anglde that you relate to or peaks your interest. A good paper is one that people get drawn into because it reaches them ln some way.As for me WW11 to me, I think of the holocaust and the effect it had on the survivors, their families and those who stood by and did nothing until it was too late.

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