What are the benefits of meditation?

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Thousands of studies over the last 40 years have demonstrated the powerful positive benefits of meditation. Traditions around the world have long incorporated meditation for spiritual transformation. Western psychologists have confirmed that regular meditation enhances the development of maturity.

Some of the benefits of meditation include: * Enlightenment * Peace and tranquility * Wisdom * Joy and happiness * Love and compassion * Stress reduction and good health * Improved brain function * Discover your purpose and gifts * Yogic and psychic powers * Magnificence Source: best-personal-growth-resources.com/effec....

People eat more when they feel depression. They try to fill inner emptiness by eating food. But in meditation you feel happiness, peace and joy so you don't need to fill your stomach by taking excess food.So naturally you will not get over weight.

Meditation also affect your metal health. You become more alert and there is a kind of clarity of perception in meditation. If you meditate regularly then your mind will become more sensitive and creative.

You will become less fearful and panic. You will realize that fear and panic is just your imagination. You will remain calm and relax in difficult situations.

In relationships you will become more kind, loving and compassionate. You will know the deeper meaning and purpose of your life. Your life will have a sense of direction and that's why you will feel confident.

These are some benefits of meditation.

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