Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content Evergreen content are texts, pictures, videos, and all other sort of content which is not "news" but rather timeless or always up to date. If you read a news about the unemployment rate of your home country, the information in that news will not likely to be accurate a year later. An article about the unemployment which is manually kept up to date with the latest statistics is more useful in the long run and can be "evergreen".

The process of updating content constantly to keep it fresh is, however, very time consuming. With the WebKnox, you can tap into a large knowledge base of information to automate that process though.

Benefits of Up-to-Date Content

Having fresh content has several benefits such as:

  • Users will realize that your content is trust worthy and come back to your website for updates.
  • Google loves fresh and updated websites and will crawl them more often.

How to get Evergreen Content?

You can use the WebKnox Question Answering API to retrieve latest statistics and quick answers. You can easily incorporate them in your content. If that is too complicated, you can get a really small JavaScript from Evergreen-Content.com that does the work for you.

Using the API is very easy. You simply use natural language keyword queries such as "imdb rating Braveheart" or "population canada" and the quick answer functionality of the API will give you the up to date answers to these queries. If you want to use the JavaScript, you can simply write a text like: "The population of Canada is <span class="evergreen">population canada</span>!". The script will then automatically find the span that has the "evergreen" class attribute and use the content to query WebKnox. WebKnox' answer is then placed into the span and you will get a complete sentence with the population of Canada.

To know what questions you can ask, you can always use WebKnox search functionality. The domains for which WebKnox can answer questions are constantly growing. Try asking about questions about counries, cities, movies, mobile phones for example.

The JavaScript library is of course only one option. If you have a cool idea how to leverage the API, let us know and get featured!