Keyword Bee

KeywordBee Keywords are words or phrases that are used to find information online. These keywords play an important role for websites that try to be found. Keyword Bee is a free keyword research tool that lets you find related keywords (also keyword ideas that are vagely related but are searched often), analyze the competition for a certain keyword (including social factors such as Facebook Likes and Twitter tweets), and get plenty of in-depth information about the keyword (such as cost per click, the number of advertisers).

For heavy users that really want to get the most out of the tool can also subscribe to a professional edition of Keyword Bee. Researching thousands of keywords can be quite slow, hence, Keyword Bee allows you to use multiple proxies and multi-threaded researching to get information faster.

WebKnox analyzes thousands of keywords that you can plenty of information for, such as, the number of searches and the competition on Google. You can access the keywords via the Keyword API

Keyword Research Process Video

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