Geographically speaking, is Iceland part of Europe or North America? Or is it not part of any continent?

Neither, Geographically speaking Iceland is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean slightly closer in proximity to mainland Europe than mainland North America. Its designation as European arises from it's closer historical, cultural, economic, religious, social, and political resemblance to Northern Europe and from Europe's hazy boundaries (Europe's geographically arbitrary borders essentially arise from complex political, cultural, historical, religious, social, and economic distinctions from it's neighbors within a legitimate geographical entity, Eurasia). By way of analogy, to say that Iceland is geographically part of Europe would be similar to saying that Hawaii is geographically part of North America - it's not! In no way, shape, or form is Hawaii even closely geogrsphically connected to North America, and all the political, economic, historical, and cultural ties in the world will never make it GEOGRAPHICALLY connected to the Americas, plain and simple.


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