How does barter work within NATE Corporate Barter Division and The BANC?

A. NATE Corporate Barter Division purchases your unsold inventory and excess capacity, and provides immediate value redeemable through an online barter network, called The BANC. With a network of over 50,000 trading partners throughout the U.S. and Canada, this online barter BANC offers a Corporate Barter Membership, allowing corporations to generate immediate value for their under-performing assets and excess capacity.

Members of The BANC use Trade Dollars, instead of cash to handle their transactions. For example, if a corporation sells $10,000 worth of credit for inventory or excess capacity to NATE - they will receive $10,000 in Trade Dollars credited to their BANC trade account. These Trade Dollars can then be used to purchase from the other trading clients within The BANC online barter network.

The BANC is a third-party record keeper, providing monthly statements to members, which reflect their purchases, sales, fees and current trade dollar balance. More.

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