How to be a good kisser?

How to be a good kisser

While animal instinct may be a large percentage of the passion experienced when kissing, there is an art and a technique, and knowing how to kiss definitely will help that animal instinct along.

There are many different styles of kissing, such as, the romantic kiss, the French kiss, and the passionate kiss. However, nearly each, when experienced between lovers, can lead to passion.

First, before, you start to engage in any kind of kiss, your lips should be ready. You want soft lips, so definitely have some lip gloss handy. For men, chap stick is fine.

How to Become a Good Kisser

Your beginning will have a lot to do with the success of the kiss. Before you begin to make your move, look into the eyes of your partner, move your eyes down to his / her lips, then back up to their eyes and gently move in.

Take your hands and gently urge your partner's body towards yours, keeping eye contact as you near your partner's lips. Kiss both the upper and lower lips of your partner's and gently pull away (about an inch or so) and slowly open your eyelids, looking at your partner. Move in and kiss the upper lips again, only this time, keep your lips parted bring their lip between yours. Apply gentle pressure and pull away. Then move onto the other lip and do the same motions. You can learn more about these techniques by reading this kissing guide.

The French Kiss

The French Kiss is truly a kiss for lovers and one that can become quite passionate. Start with the steps above, only add a bit of tongue while you are kissing the lips of your partners, gently caressing your tongue against the lips of your partner. Slowly open your mouth a bit more and gently glide your tongue a little further into their mouth until your tongues meet. Allow your tongues to connect caressing one another and then gently bring your tongue back into your mouth and close your mouth a bit, then open to start another kiss.

Where do your hands go? Your hands can be positioned behind your partners neck, or hold your partner's face or hair.

Passionate Kiss

For a truly passionate kiss, put your hands on your partner's face and begin your French Kiss. While you are kissing gently nibble or suck on their lips a bit here and a bit there.

Kisses should be finished with a lip locking.

With a little practice, (that can be done by using your finger) you can and will master the art of kissing.

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