What is the difference between Railroad Medicare and regular Medicare?

There is not much difference between Railroad Medicare and regular Medicare. The first difference is that Railroad Medicare is given to railroad retirement annuitants. This type if Medicare extends to their families as well.

You will want to think of this Medicare as basically like receiving Social Security benefits upon retirement. The Part A plan covers hospitalization. A certain amount is deducted from the employees’ payroll each week for this Medicare account.

The Part B plan is financed by working citizens and/or revenues from the federal government. Even though it is Railroad Medicare, regular Medicare uses these same methods to finance its programs. The eligibility requirements are almost the same for both organizations; the benefits are about the same as well.

In order to enroll, you would either need to be at least 65 years old and/or have a disability which is like regular Medicare. Basically Railroad Medicare was started for employees who worked in the railroad industry. The benefits for railroad workers are administered through Palmetto GBA instead of a government-subsidized agency.

It is a completely different organization than regular Medicare but has many similarities within its benefits programs. Source: www.healthcarebillfacts.com, www.questions.medicare.gov, www.washingpost.com, www.utu.org.

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