Why did "Medicare Busting" Paul Ryan vote YES on Medicare Part D?

Hmm. Your right. Wasn't it O'Bama who extended the Bush tax cuts in Nov?!

Didn't O'Bama promise during the campaign to go through the budget line by line and to get rid of waste?! Bush added $5 trillion to the debt in 8 years. O'Bama is on track to add $5 trillion in just 4 years!

Did you know that Congress controls all of the money spent not the president?! In 2006 Democrats took control of both houses and Senator O'Bama was among them. How many spending bills did Senator O'Bama and the Democrats vote against?!

Where is O'Bama's plan to save Medicare?! Where is the Democrat plan to save Medicare?! Actually the reason we find ourselves in our current situation is because of the community investment act enacted by Carter and made stronger by Clinton and by the Democrats refusing to tighten regulations on Fannie and Freddie in 2006 like Bush had wanted!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7... O'Bama started an illegal war in Libya without getting the OK from Congress. For you Liberals that would be a kinetic military action! LOL!' Didn't the Democrats vote for BFD O'Bamacare who's cost dwarfs Medicare part D?!

Didn't Senator O'Bama vote for TARP funds which later President O'Bama used to bailout the rich, banks, 2 car companies, unions and Wall St. instead of using it to help people keep their homes like it was supposed to be used for?! So it would appear by your own standards that O'Bama and the Democrats also are not pillars of fiscal responsibility!

I cant really gove you an answer,but what I can give you is a way to a solution, that is you have to find the anglde that you relate to or peaks your interest. A good paper is one that people get drawn into because it reaches them ln some way.As for me WW11 to me, I think of the holocaust and the effect it had on the survivors, their families and those who stood by and did nothing until it was too late.

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