First man on the moon?

The first man to step onto the surface of the moon was Neil Armstrong commander of the Apollo 11 mission. He stepped off the foot pad of the lunar module onto the fine dusty soil (regolith) of the moon at 2:56 UTC on the 21st of July 1969.

Many nations would honor the first manned Moon landing by issuing Apollo 11 commemorative postage stamps or coins. On September 16, 1969, the three astronauts spoke before a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill. They presented two U.S. flags, one to the House of Representatives and the other to the Senate, that had been carried to the surface of the Moon with them.

The Soviet Union was secretly attempting to compete with the US in landing a man on the Moon, but had been hampered by repeated failures in development of a launcher comparable to the Saturn V. 57 Meanwhile, they tried to beat the US to return lunar material to the Earth, by means of unmanned probes. On July 13, three days before Apollo 11's launch, they launched Luna 15 which reached lunar orbit before Apollo 11.

During descent, a malfunction caused Luna 15 to crash in Mare Crisium, about two hours before Armstrong and Aldrin took off from the surface.

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