How do I talk to amazon customer service?

How do I talk to amazon customer service I have received a damage item and need new pieces Asked by ianmn 57 months ago Similar questions: talk amazon customer service Amazon.

Similar questions: talk amazon customer service.

Contact them through their Help pages Nobody here is an employee of You need to contact customer service by clicking on the "Help" link in the upper right-hand corner of any page at the site. Once you log into Amazon.Com's site, go to any Help page and on the right-hand side you should see a panel with a link to contact them by e-mail or phone.

This is the way they prefer you contact them and is the best way to contact them with a problem. Or, you could try the contact information listed below. The information below is subject to change.

US Customer ServicePhone toll-free in the US and Canada: (800) 201-7575Phone from outside the US and Canada: (206) 346-2992 or (206)-266-2992Another direct line: (206) 266-2335E-mail: [email protected] Sources: My experience .

Have them call you I find the quickest way to get them is to have them call you. I've done this twice recently, and neither time did I have to wait more than 5 minutes before talking to a real human person. And one with a fairly intelligible accent too!

How do you get them to call? Easy. Go to Help.

Look for the Contact Us header in the right-hand sidebar (see image at right). Click the By phone button. Give them your number and tell them when to call.

A few other tips: Have the order number and any other details handy when they call. Make sure that you have pop-ups enabled/unblocked too, because the Call window opens as a pop-up. If you're using dial up and you're online using the same phone line you'll of course need to disconnect before they call.

You can also contact them via email by clicking the By e-mail button just above. Even though by phone offers instant fulfilment I prefer using email because it maintains a paper trail which you can quote them if they fail to follow up on any commitments they made. For a situation such as you described, I'd probably go with email support as your issue isn't really time sensitive, but it is something you'd probably want to be able to refer to in writing.

There is one other way to get Amazon - you can call them yourself, although their number is not published on their website. If you google Amazon customer service number you'll find a few sites that have unearthed their toll free number.

You can email them at [email protected] or call them at 1-800-201-7575 or 1-206-266-2335.

Their returns centre can be found via the help pages... If you click on the "help" link found on most amazon pages, you'll find a link to the returns centre at the following url:" rel="nofollow"> However, before reaching this you'll note that they advise you to contact the manufacturer of certain items directly before doing so (as this is likely to lead to you receiving the replacement parts more rapidly). See" rel="nofollow"> for further information about the returns policy. Note that if you wish to send an email then there is a link available from here, as is a button you can click to have Amazon customer services contact you by telephone if you prefer.

I hope this helps; remember you can always find information about Amazon customer services by following the links on their help pages. Sources: .

1 Go to the amazons customer service page, click help , and that will provide you a site to email them.

Go to the amazons customer service page, click help , and that will provide you a site to email them.

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