WebKnox API

The WebKnox REST API offers functionality such as Named Entity Recognition, Part-of-Speech Tagging, Question Answering, and Language Detection. On this page you can see the available resources and the possible actions on these resources. You can play with the API and see what happens.


WebKnox Keywords API

The WebKnox Keywords API gives you access to keyword data. You can find information about keywords such as how often they are searched, how many competing pages there are on Google. You may also get a list of related keywords to your given keywords. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Entities API

The WebKnox Entities API gives you access to millions of entities such as cities, actors, movies, cars, etc. You can search for entities and get factual information. Additionally, you may detect known entities from texts (often referred to as Named Entity Recognition). Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Proxies API

The WebKnox Proxies API lets you retrieve fresh, unblocked, high responsive and alive proxies. You can improve proxy delivery by sending feedback whether a proxy is blocked or dead. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Question-Answering API

The WebKnox Question-Answering API allows you to find answers to natural language questions. These questions can be factual such as "What is the capital of Australia" or more complex. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Search API

The WebKnox Search API lets you search the WebKnox Web index and news results. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Text-Processing API

The WebKnox Text-Processing API lets you process (natural) language texts. You can detect the text's language, the quality of the writing, find entity mentions, tag part-of-speech, extract dates, extract locations, or determine the sentiment of the text. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Web API

The WebKnox Web API lets you process Web pages. You can detect (publish, modified dates, language), extract (author, content, facts), and rank (using a service or rating the quality). Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Words API

The WebKnox Words API lets you have your way with words. Get the singular, plural, present, past, past participle, or synonyms of a word. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Jokes API

The WebKnox Jokes API allows you to access over 30,000 jokes, from Knock Knock puns to Chuck Norris jokes you will find a lot to laugh about. Play with it or sign up on mashape.

WebKnox Recipe API

The WebKnox Recipe API allows you to access over 330,000 recipes. It allows users to search for recipes using natural language such as "gluten free brownies without sugar". Furthermore, several widgets to visualize ingredient lists, price breakdowns, and recipe cards are available. The API can also answer natural language questions related to nutrition such as "vitamin c in 3 apples" and classify recipes into over 20 cuisines. Play with it or sign up on mashape. See the presentation from the API World 2013 too.

WebKnox Media API

The WebKnox Media API (beta) allows you to search images, create thumbnails from videos, or create animated gifs from a sequence of images or a video. Play with it.

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Also see applications that make use of our API at the API showcase. If you did something yourself, let us know and get featured.

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If you are interested in using the API in a production system sign up for one of our APIs on mashape, or contact us if you have questions. You can consume our APIs using plain REST or employ one of the client libraries that are available on the API page on mashape. You can choose from client libraries in Python, Objective-C (iOs), Ruby, PHP, and Java (Android).