What is WebKnox?

Why is WebKnox?

Searching for answers to questions online can be a tedious task. We want to ease this burden and provide you with direct, fast, and complete answers. This is of course not working for every question you might think of but we're continuously working on answering your questions according to the three mentioned goals.

How does it work?

WebKnox employs several techniques to answer your question. First, we use external services that might already have answers to your question. Second, we try to compute an answer using our own knowledge base which works best for factual questions. Third, we try to find a good matchin answer to your question on the fly if none of the first two steps were successful.

What can it do?

WebKnox tries to answer questions from any topic you can think of. Ask about the first man on the moon, health benefits of meditation, how to be a good kisser, or how tall Selena Gomez is. In the future we are going to support even more question types - always trying to bring you answers as direct, fast, and complete as automatically possible.

Do you haven an API?

Sure thing, checkout the WebKnox REST API.

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