spoonacular's Mission

spoonacularspoonacular is a semantic recipe search engine with the mission to make it extremely easy for users to search and find exactly what they want. spoonacular wants to "make the Web a tastier place" which they do by providing a free ingredient visualization widget to food bloggers and hobby chefs.

In-Depth Recipe Information

Besides a pretty visualization of the recipe's ingredients, spoonacular analyzes the recipes more deeply and finds out how much a serving costs, how many people like the recipe on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and how many nutrients are contained in one serving. spoonacular's little chef additionally gives tips on budget, healthiness, sustainability, and cooking so the reader can make the best version suited for him.

If you're mobile, you can also add your own recipes with the spoonacular Windows Phone 8 app.

Check out spoonacular's semantic search yourself! Here are some more example queries sorted by increasing complexity you could start with:

Semantic natural language search is coming in many different domains. eelee showcases first attempts for consumer electronics and now spoonacular tackles recipes.