Are Mazda and Nissan the same company? If not, who is the copycat?

Mazda and Nissan are not the same . They may have cars that resemble each other but they are not even related. These similarities could be because of their competition to meet the demand of various customers and clients.

Nissan Motor Corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer that has its head quarters in Japan. It was formerly marketing vehicles under the brand name of "Datsun". Nissan is the third largest Japanese car manufacturer.

The Infiniti luxury brand is also manufactured by Nissan. Mazda Motor Corporation is a multinational automaker located in Fuchū, Aki District, Japan. I love all the Mazda concept cars, which include , • Mazda Kazamai • Mazda Hakaze • Mazda Ryuga • Mazda Nagare • Mazda Kabura • Mazda Furai • Mazda Kiyora And for the Nissan cars , I like those made from 1993 to date, they include: • Nissan Terrano II • Nissan Titan • Nissan Urvan • Nissan Van C22 (Vanette) • Nissan Wingroad • Nissan Xterra • Nissan X-Trail • Nissan Terranaut • Nissan Versa • Nissan Winne


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