How do I Know If Im a Good Kisser?

If people do not like to kiss you then you probably are not a good kisser. If the person you are kissing seems to enjoy it then you probably are a good kisser. You could always ask the other person.

And here’s something else you need to know: A woman would much rather you take the chance and go for a kiss at the wrong time then have you not go for it at all! With that in mind though, the best time to go for a kiss is NOT necessarily at the end of a date.In fact, that’s often a BAD time for a couple reasons: It’s a “high pressure” moment, and all of that build-up can make things awkward If you start kissing her earlier in the night – the two of you can be kissing the entire time – not just once at the end! So when you are planning your date, think about a good way you could start kissing part-way through.

This is why I love taking girls out for a drink at intimate wine bars or cocktail lounges instead of restaurants. Find a place where the 2 of you are sitting close to each other, and when conversation is going great, lean in and go for it! You’ll be surprised at just how much more willing a girl is to kiss you in the middle of the date during some great conversation versus waiting until that awkward moment at the end like most guys do.

As a good way did get things started, break up the conversation with a sincere compliment, then go for it. For example, after she finishing talking, say, “Wow, you look gorgeous right now” and maintain eye contact. Then lean in to kiss her.

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