How do you find a front hand guard for a champion single barrel shotgun from Iver Johnson arms cycle works date 1948 or older?

Check e-gunparts. Com I checked and they do have the forearm but you have to go to the bottom of the parts list because it is not illistrated. Not sure if its a 1948 or older.

What does the circled capital letter stamped on the right side mean on the 410 dated Aug. 12 1913 and where was it made. Was there a rear V sight. If not what are the two small screws on either side?

What is the age of an old 32 caliber Iver Johnson Bicycle Works top-break hammer type revolver? Where can you find information on an Iver Johnson American Bull Dog 44 special? What is the value of a 16 gauge Iver Johnson's Champion serial number 89a?

How can you tell if a Montgomery Ward Hercules 12 gauge shotgun was made by Iver Johnson or J Stevens? How old is your Iver Johnson cadet 55sa 22 caliber? Are Iver Johnson shotguns well regarded?

What is the age and value of an Iver Johnson pocket pistol in 25 auto ser EE00296? What is the value of a 22 caliber Iver Johnson target revolver serial J53991? What is the value of an Iver Johnson 22 Supershot Sealed Eight Pistol?

How do you know the year of an Iver Johnson 12 gauge? Where can you find an operating slide Iver Johnson US carbine 22 model ew22hba? When was the model 50 Ward Hercules double 16 gauge made and were Iver Johnson and J Stevens the same company?

What is the proper way to disassemble and reassemble an Iver Johnson revolver for cleaning and what do you do when old part or stripped screws refuse to budge? How do you identify an Iver Johnson Enforcer pistol? Where can you find parts for an Iver Johnson 410 shotgun with a pat.

Date of June 15-15? What is the value of a 410 Iver Johnson shotgun? What is the value of a 38 5 shot Iver Johnson revolver 4 6 88 6 that you just bought at an auction?

What is the age of a double barrel shotgun with external hammers and double triggers that on the left side of the receiver says Knox-All Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co Boston Ma? What is the age and price for an Iver Johnson Arms 20 gauge bore barrel lug in one 81485C? Where can you get history on a US Revolver Co handgun?

What is the value of a Champion 20 gauge choke single barrel shotgun? Where can you find a forestock for an older Iver Johnson Champion 410? Falke 43 derringer?

What is the age of Iver Johnson 38 serial 73329? What is information on a model 2-x self-cocking safety rifle made by Iver Johnson Arms Cycle Works Fitchburg Mass? Was the Iver Johnson model 2D hammerless five-shot 38 top break revolver intended for black powder only?

Who made the White Powder Wonder shotgun? Was Lion Arms Co a trade name of Iver Johnson and if so were they good arms? Where can you find a complete working bolt for an Iver Johnson 22 safety rifle model X?

Is there a extractor spring on the 12 gauge over under it seems not to eject the shells have to do them manually and if so how do you replace it and where to go to get the right replacement part? What is the valve of an Iver Johnson 50 cal rifle? Where can you buy the shell ejector for an Iver Johnson 357 mag single action revolver with a 7 inch barrel?

How can you find what year your Iver Johnson 20 gauge was made? What is the value of your Mitchell Arms Army single action 44 mag? What is the Value of My Iver Johnson 12 gauge shotgun with the serial Y2893 on the side and it's age?

Will a 5-shot top break 38 caliber Iver Johnson revolver serial 59189 take 9 mm ammunition? Where can you get specific information on your Iver Johnson Supershot Sealed Eight 2-way adjustable sight serial number L25749? Who made the Western Field M812 22 caliber?

What is the year and value of a Remington Woodsmaster 742 rifle ID? New Long Range Winner shotgun? Does anyone have info on a Hercules single barrel shotgun Has the numbers 1929 on the side?

What is the value of a 16 gauge Iver Johnson shotgun? What is the value of an Iver Johnson over under single trigger nickle receiver engraved shotgun serial 044 made in Italy? Did Iver Johnson ever manufacture a 30 cal carbine pistol?

Where can you find a stock and forearm parts to a Crescent 12 gauge number 15 single shot gun? What is the value of a Iver Johnson revolver manufactured between 6 Aug0 and May 15th 1887? Did Iver Johnson produce a 5-shot top break revolver and if so when?

What is the age of a Iver Johnson top break revolver model 844? What year was an Iver Johnson 5-shot 38 with no serial number and a letter logo on the right side of the hammerless cocking slide made? How do you find a front hand guard for a champion single barrel shotgun from Iver Johnson arms cycle works date 1948 or older?

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