How do you get rid of a virus that links almost every word in Internet Explorer to ntsearch?

Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32 ). Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs 1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) 2.

Run the vundo and combo fix 3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot 5 Run Superantispyware 6.

Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! Answer I found an uninstaller that gets rid of it at this worked, but it appears to be installed with Kazaa. When I uninstalled it Kazaa would no longer work (said part was uninstalled) but at least I know where the culprit is :) p Answer Two days I got NT SEARCH problem and at the same time couldn't display many pages due to windows/system32.shdocl.

Dll/ dnserror. Htm . I am not sure if these two problems were connected but Lava ad-aware and anti virus didn't help.

I solved both problems by using xp system restore to some previous date and now everything is ok. P.s. Instead of using risky Kazaa it's better to switch to no-ads Kazaa Lite Answer NTsearch publishes a link to an uninstall program at:

Php DISABING NTSEARCH INTERNET SEARCH ASSISTANT To discontinue of using NTsearch please download and execute the uninstall tool located here Answer the virus process is mslti32.exe. A search reveals it also called x-bot. I disabled it editig the registry and removing the only instance I could find of it, it was in the explorer toolbars.

On my system I could find yet the executable Answer I had the same problem. It also made many pages in the explorer to look blank Deleting a file called SP (without recognized icon) in the Kazaa default download dircetoy solved the problem with this annoying virus! Answer I tried System Restore for XP, and it didn't work for me.

Perhaps the virus set in at an earlier date than I could restore to! D'oh! Will try the NT Search site to remove it, hopefully that works.

I also get the dsn ll error, and "Operation Aborted" windows a LOT! If they are unrelated, does anyone know how to remove them? :'( Answer Blimmin annoying!

Keeps popping up I don't know where from. Have read these messages and did go to the site and uninstalled. All is go.

YAY! I also had the "SP' file showing up when I did "alt,ctrl, delete" it showed up as running in the background. Have also found that it came back after visiting a song lyric site, and winmx, that now is not working for me.

Otherwise, do uninstall it Answer cwshredder" will cure your browser hi-jack. You can get it from here: Answer.

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