How long is shelf life for canned pumpkin that has never been opened? (real pumkin)?

(real pumkin) Asked by LPS 12 months ago Similar questions: long shelf life canned pumpkin opened real pumkin Society > Holidays.

Similar questions: long shelf life canned pumpkin opened real pumkin.

It is most likely a long time, but it should have a date somewhere on the can.

I was given many jars approximately (5) years ago and there is no date. Do you think it will be safe to use when I bake pumpkin pie? LPS 12 months ago .

I can't answer that. I once bought some tomato paste at a local deli and the can's contents flew all over the room as soon as it was open. Five years?

I don't think I would take the chance. Is it home-made canned pumpkin? Maybe someone else would know.

Ok..thanks for the help! LPS 12 months ago .

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