How much weight can a gorilla bench press?

A healthy man can bench his own weight. The average being around 185. A gorilla, high land silver back, the biggest of the gorilla is said to be between 12 and 20 times stronger than a man.

Just multiply 185 by those figures and it will give a ball park figure of what a gorilla can do if tought to bench press. Put it this way, National Geographic has video of a male tearing a bamboo tree out of the ground roots and all. In Miami, Florida people tie chains to pick up trucks to tear them out!185 times 12 = 2220 185 times 20 = 3700 big numbers!

First of all, there has never been an experiment carried out to find out how much more strength than a man a gorilla has. You can take a guessers word for it and throw around numbers like 12 times and 20 times, but there is at present no known ratio.2220 and 3700 pounds are ridiculous, Im sorry. A ton and a half would crush a gorilla just as surely as it would crush a man.

Just as in ancient times, people would say that such and such hero was ten times the strength of a normal man, people today like to exaggerate with the subject at hand. Now obviously, a gorilla is a whole lot stronger than any human being, but a 2220 - 3700 pound BENCH PRESS is ridiculous. Assuming that you could put a gorilla under a barbell and get him to push, the weight that he could move would be impressive, but to make guesses based on exponentially ratioing an average man's bench press is unscientific On the animal channel, it stated that a large male silverback gorilla has the strength to press over 4600 pounds.

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