I recently repainted my hall bathroom Valspar's Dried Mint Green. The paint was a semi-gloss?

Go with colors that mellow out the room. Earth tones are best for this. Perhaps a tan or beige would work.

Mint green is a pretty assertive color, isn't it :) A couple of things you can try. One would be using a darker or more muted shade of green, to connect with the mint but tone it down a bit. Another way would be to use some large artwork that won't be harmed by water (or is cheap enough for it not to matter) to cover a good chunk or chunks of the wall area.

A darker or more muted shower curtain which stays fully or partly closed will give you a large area of darker color to tone down the walls. If all else fails, maybe you could repaint - it's a bathroom, so probably not very big. Even repaint just some walls and leave the mint green on one wall as a feature?

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