Is Global Warming really happening?

Also see the answers to the Related Questions shown below this set of answers. A link to the many official studies going on related with Global Warming is also listed below. Below, you can also review different opinions from contributors of the general public: A: Yes, it is a fact.

There is not yet a consensus about why this is happening but global warming is a fact and it is described by the World Meteorological Organization (a body of the United Nations) as posing threats to society in many ways. (See link below. ) You can see below many views about why it happens but it is happening.

Some still can argue and try to convince that it is not happening but the official position is that it is a fact and that it threatens society in many forms A: Some scientists still debate regarding the cause of the earth's warming. Not many years ago, environmentalists were all telling us that the average temperature would be lowering because of the pollutants in the air. Climatologists have detected a slight warming in average temperatures, but the cause is not known.

Some sectors of the public opinion base their arguments on that it is all because of what is called"greenhouse gasses. " However, further scientific study is needed for confirming the causes The temperature of the Earth has been constantly changing since the beginning. We are currently near the coolest we have ever been if you look at the temperature over a couple million years.

We have been quite a bit warmer, so much so that the polar regions were NOT the frozen wasteland that they are now. Some sectors of the public opinion don't take this into consideration A: That is a million-dollar question and no one, no matter which side they are on or how much they think they know, really can be sure of the causes or magnitude of global warming. My belief is that while I am sure polluting the environment is never good and has to have an effect on the condition of the earth, people are making much more out of global warming than what is actually real.

I believe the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling and right now it is in a warming cycle, though I have to admit I have not really done enough research about it for my answer to be any more than an opinion that can not be backed up with studies, facts, etc There is one thing I know, though. Whenever a controversy like global warming is being waged, it is easy to arrive at conclusions that appear to be informed when much research is needed from both sides of the issue in order to arrive at a truly informed conclusion. So many issues today appear one way on the surface and are vastly different underneath.

Many issues have political or underlying agendas, and to be sure of anything you have to be willing to dig for the truth A: I did an extensive research paper on the subject, and there are many serious effects and potential effects. I won't go on to list them. Global warming is a problem that is almost certainly caused by man, with many serious consequences.

Please visit my bio page (Frank) for more information A: Not to open a firestorm of comments but in reality no one knows 100% why global warming may or is occurring. It may be a natural cycle, mankind may be causing it but contrary to the media and some alleged experts no one knows with 100% certainty the causes A: Most global warming skeptics argue that mankind isn't causing global warming, but concede the notion that global warming is actually occurring. I don't fall in that camp.

Call me a super-skeptic, or just call me deluded, but it appears that too many corners were cut in the "research" that "proves" global warming is real. Such as the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. There is considerable evidence that proximity to large cities significantly biases thermometer readings, more so in recent years than 100 years ago.

Yet many global warming "researchers" ignore this effect. Those who recognize it say they "adjusted" for it, but very few will admit how they adjusted for it. Those few who will admit what they did say they only adjusted UHI-affected temperatures by a degree or two.

But we know that's not enough One skeptic researcher, Anthony Watts, untertook the daunting task of visiting and photographing every weather recording station in the United States. Of the 500 or so that he and his volunteers have visited so far, 87 percent of them had artificial heat sources in the vicinity of the station that are known to significantly bias temperature readings, in a positive direction, by at least 1 degree Celsius. Fourteen percent had such artificial heat sources immediately adjacent to the station, which increases temperature readings by 5 degrees Celsius.

He put photographs of the most egregious biases on his website (link below to surfacestations. Org). One photograph features a weather recording station within 50 feet of a large apartment building, within 10 feet of two other buildings, within 8 feet of a window-unit air-conditioner, and right next to an asphalt parking lot - when a car was parked in the spot next to the weather station, its hot engine was just two feet away from the thermometer.By my calculations, the average effect, over all 500 stations, of these artificial heat soures is to raise the average of the recorded temperature by at least 2 degrees Celsius over what it would be without the artificial heat sources.

That's 2 degrees Celsius. Do you know how much the global average temperature has supposedly risen in the last 100 years?0.6 degrees Celsius. Yes, you read that right - six tenths of a degree.

So, the effect of these aritificial heat sources is over three times as great as the "observed" increase in temperature. If you subtracted out the effect of the artificial heat sources, temperatures have actually gone down, by 1.4 degrees C, in the last 100 years A: To me it is not real. The temperature just rises a half a degree every year than the highest degree the year before that.

And the news reporters can't even predict the weather tomorrow so what makes you think that they will be able to predict something 20 or more years from now the fact is that global warming is not real because if it was real and it happens every 1,000 years or so, how come people are still alive today because people say that global warming is the rise in the temperature, and that the heat melts the ice bergs to where the oceans rises and and covers all of the land on earth. So global warming is just a myth.

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