What is the best day to buy meat at a grocery store?

M3po, meat is great food item, and for growth it's supreme. The best days to buy meat at any store is when it first comes out, esp. Beef.

This is when it's freshest and if you plan to store it for a long time, this will reduce the risk of it spoiling and/or gaining bacteria. All stores have specials, whether it be a weekly or a daily special, at all times, new and old. The trick here is that you have to keep up with all the specials whether it be via newspaper, fliers, other advertisements, etc.A word of advice, whenever you go to buy meat at any store, always check it for any signs of spoilage.

This rule especially goes for meats that a store is trying to clear out for new meats or specials that in general sound to good to be true. Usually these are meats that have been sitting in the display for quite a while and the store rather sell it than lose profit and throw it away. I know, I eat alot of meat and have become very good at buying it in all ways.

Yes, there are printable coupons and more. Check out these sites. First, retailmenot.com and also go to coolsavings.com.

Both these sites have great coupon for meat and more. As far as a website that compares days and savings for meat, go to www.nextag.com. M3po, remember, meat of all types is a very popular food item, hence, the market is big for it, and there are always sales on it.

Just make sure what you buy is fresh, esp. With meat. Glad to be of assistance.

I've read several articles online on when is the best day to go shopping for produce at a grocery store and they all pointed out that Wednesday is the best. One post I've read online stated that he has been conducting an informal study on when is the best time to go grocery shopping. The study was done to determine exactly when one should go shopping in order to get fresh produce, smaller crowds, fast service and cheaper URL1 make this study genuine he decided to make comparison between shopping trips standardized.

For eat time period, each team of scientists went to a series of grocery stores and purchased the same five items at each locations. Wednesday, especially in the morning more than any other weekday proved to be the optimal grocery shopping time. Parking, shopping and checking out is done fasts.

Grocery store staff were rested, friendly and helpful too. Most fresh items had been restocked in the previous hour and are at their freshest. Another important point is that most of the grocery stores started their new promotion week on Wednesday so hitting the store on a Wednesday morning give them the best opportunity to stock up on sale items before they started disappearing from store shelves.

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