What's the best tablet PC for artists?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the next big thing in Tablet PCs, it runs on Google Android OS and is gaining lot of popularity for its easy-to-use interface and lots of other useful apps and features. You can also choose the legendary Apple iPad, but Apple has a few restrictions. In the end, it depends for what purpose do you want a tablet PC.

If you are want to have fun on the go and at the same time be able to do all the things you normally do on a laptop or desktop - the Apple iPad would be a nice buy. But if you plan to take your tablet PC experience to new levels, explore the world of technology, new apps, hi-speed functionality and many more cool stuff then I'd suggest the Samsung Galaxy Tab for sure. All the best!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for your advice. I have read great things about the iPad and the Galaxy. It will probably come down to price, but I'll have to play with them in the store.

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