Which breed of bunnies are the smartest?

I recommend visiting rabbit.org for all sorts of information on house rabbits, including getting over the ruby-eyed rabbit fear. Big White Bunnies with ruby eyes are some of the sweetest, most wonderful rabbits anyone could get and I will never understand why anyone interested in rabbits would hate one because of her eye color.

The Belgian Hare The following website says that the Belgian Hare is friendly, startle easily, curious, one of the smartest rabbit breeds, active, delicate boned (careful handling) This website also list several different rabbit breeds and their attributes. losttemplepets.com/small%20animals/rabbi... This website says" The Belgian Hare is one of the most intelligent rabbits. Rabbits can become trained to learn their name.

They are more intelligent than guinea pigs and hamsters. They can even be trained to go to the toilet in one specific area, which makes cleaning up after them much easier. " petplanet.co.uk/petplanet/breeds/Rabbit_... The New Zealand white rabbit is also a good one.

This website says "They are affectionate, intelligent, and one of the easier breeds to teach tricks. These factors make the New Zealand White an ideal pet choice, as unlike many of the other rabbit breeds, they are less likely to be standoffish and aggressive. " hubpages.com/hub/Bunny-Breed-Guide-New-Z....

Cute! I don't think there is such a thing as a smarter bunny breed. All bunnies are smart, I remember when mine got out of his cage every night and in the mornings I found him under my covers next to me.

Or when I was eating an apple on my bed and he heard/smelled it and jumped on the bed next to the one I was on. Then jumped down and back on the same one, until finally he just jumped from that bed to mine. (And feasted on my apple!

And left apple juice all over the covers) You should just get the one you like best. I don't like those with rough hair/fur. So I go with the fluffy yellow ones.

I also hate those with red eyes or albinos, humans really need to stop breeding those. They have a lot of eye problems and skin problems if they stay too long in the sun. I would suggest one like Bobboy below.

Or Coffee smart and cute.

The 2 legged ones in the playboy mansion :-).

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