Who was Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling was the second most famous Luftwaffe Lady pilot in World War II! She was also Heinrich mmler's favorite KNIGHT of the Round Table at Wewelsburg Castle. This of course was kept secret along with the way that Heinrich mmler saved her life in the Black Forest in 1927 Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe is famous for three major reasons 1.

Her legendary flying at Stalingrad, flying the Junkers Ju-52 2. She was the Co-Pilot on the Junkers JU-390 that took off from Norway, overflew Canada, Michigan and then flew right over the Empire State Building of New York city, on August 28th, 1943! 3.

While in Japan in 1945 she personally saved the Emperor of Japan! Stalin had ordered the Emperor to be killed and he was enraged when he found out that The White Wolf had saved him!

Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling was on his left! Over 22,000 of our brave comrades watched from the stands in awe, everyone showing respect and quiet admiration for our Furher! The Earth in the distance looked beautiful, but for us Nazi's the Moon is a wonderful place, so serene and majestic!

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