With tinyMCE how to make a rich-text editor coexist with another textarea?

There are two ways you can do this. You can either set the mode to "exact" and specify the ID's of the textarea(s) you want converted to TinyMCE instances using the elements config item. Alternatively you can set the mode to "specific_textareas" and specify the CSS class you want to assign to the appropriate textareas that are to be converted to TinyMCE instances using the editor_selector config item.

Cheers, Brett Brett Henderson tinymce.ephox.com.

Brett, Thanks a lot! I'm giving that a try – Issac Song May 10 at 6:40 that is it Brett +1 – Thariama May 10 at 7:31 Yes! Thank you!

– Issac Song May 11 at 3:00 so how to reduce the width of editor – Siva Sep 5 at 11:00 Siva, this question is in relation to how to load TinyMCE for a specific TextArea. Check out the TinyMCE Config on how to set a specific Width, or set your TextArea width. – Brett Henderson Sep 7 at 4:28.

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