How Do You Play The 5,000 Dice Game?

The 5,000 dice game is simple, fun and can be played with as little as 2 people or a large group. To play The 5,000 dice game you need to decide what the winning score is going to be. Traditionally you would play until someone reaches 5,000 points - thus, the name of the game.

You can however, choose to play to a lower number for a shorter game. The goal of this game is to collect points and be the first to reach the winning number. Player one rolls all 5 dice.

If the player rolls any 1's, 5's, or three of a kind they will receive points. Points are recorded and the player continues to roll and record points until a roll produces no points. Play moves to the next roller.

The first person to reach 5,000 points wins the game! Scoring -Rolling a 1 earns you 100 points -Rolling a 5 earns you 500 points -Rolling three of a kind earns you the number rolled x100 (for example: if you roll 3 4's you ... more.

Party games can be a ton of fun. With the right crowd and a little common sense, drinking games can really add life to the party. These games vary on their play style from person to person and party to party.

The alcohol can also make the rules a bit confusing or easy to forget. Below the dice is one popular drinking game that is simple enough to follow, even for those feeling a bit tipsy. It is also a cheap, fun and easy drinking game to play.

Begin with at least 3 people. The game can be played with as many people as you can fit around a table. Each person should have an alcoholic beverage in hand.

Roll the dice. The person who rolls the highest number begins play. Play then proceeds to the left.

The player who rolled the highest number begins play by rolling the dice again. Add the numbers. The player then adds the two numbers together.

The player will then flip the dice to see if the total of the two numbers below equal a greater or lower amount than the numbers on top. If the ... more.

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