How long is an opened bottle of water safe to drink?

How long is an opened bottle of water safe to drink Asked by ladybug4 9 months ago Similar questions: long opened bottle water safe drink Food & Drink > Food.

Similar questions: long opened bottle water safe drink.

After a few days, especially if the water is left in a warm place, bacteria naturally occurring in the air and from your mouth (that gets into the water after you open the bottle) will begin to grow in the water. Refrigerated water will of course last much longer than a bottle left out as the cooler temperature dampers bacteria growth.

Good grief people are spineless these days... just pour off any dust that settled and take a swig. I drank crick water in Kenya, grant it I used iodine to kill everything, silt and all. Iodine makes water taste like its been aged in a garden hose for a hundred summers but water is a necessity...I've had no ill health and am as strong as an ox to this day...

Water doesn't spoil, so your answer depends on how well the PCB's from the plastic bottle will leach into the water (and then into one's body. ) .

Its safety can normally be measured in days if you keep outside contamination such as bugs, dirt, and food crumbs from getting inside. Water will start to taste "old" or musty after a couple of days if the container has been reused and not cleaned out. While camping the desert, I'v kept water in five gallon plastic water cans for a week with no problem.

" "how long is a dry mix good after it has been opened.

How long is a dry mix good after it has been opened.

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